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     Dr. Smith is extremely proud to offer the newest and most precise technology to help patients see clearer and more comfortably through Progressive lenses (invisible line). The Visioffice is a computerized video system that precisely captures and analyzes the natural movements of the human eye to the nearest 1/10thof a millimeter. Once a patient chooses a frame, they wear it on their face along with an electronic device that sends signals to the Visioffice for the measurements to take place. This is necessary for newer generation, digital progressive lenses to perform at their best. I’m sure many of you have experienced or heard other patients say they couldn’t adapt to those “no-line bifocals”. It was more than likely due to poor manual measurements and/or a poor choice of technology (there are over 50 different progressive lenses on the market). Essilor, maker of the Varilux brand, invented the first progressive lenses and now the Visioffice system along with a myriad of digitally enhanced lenses to provide the sharpest optics with the widest fields of view then ever seen before! Our success rate at fitting patients with this combination of technology is an astounding 95+%- well above the national average. At your next appointment, ask us if you’re a candidate for the newest digitally enhanced progressive lenses.


The Most Individualized Lenses Ever Made


     Only the Visioffice System measures the real 3 dimensional position of each eye’s unique eye rotation center. This data is combined with the natural head posture, gaze direction and the position of wear of the frame. The result is a lens design perfectly calculated for each gaze direction in every point of the lens surface that the eye scans. Visioffice calculates:


Eye Data: Measure precise eye rotation for the better vision in all points of the lens.

Frame Data: Incorporates frame data information such as frame wrap, tilt, and distance from the eyes.

Behavior Data: Measures natural head posture and unique gaze directions for each person.


     This produces a customized lens for each person and each eye, helping to eliminate swim effect for better stability of motion. It also greatly widens the area of vision in distance, intermediate, and near, as well as significantly reducing any side vision distortion for edge-to-edge clarity.

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