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What our patients our saying ...

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Smith for my dry eye problems.  I have seen several doctors over the last 6-7 years for this issue, and no one filled in the “missing pieces” like Dr. Smith did.  My eyes are now better and on their way to feeling normal again.  Thank you to Dr. Smith and his staff.

~ A.B

I have told lots of people about Dr. Smith.  I have been to a lot of eye places in my life and I would recommend him to anyone.  He was very professional and informative.  He showed me the pictures of my eyes that were taken last year and compared them to the picture taken today.  He explained what everything in the picture represented and what it meant.  Lucky for me there was very little change in my vision and the picture showed that my eyes are healthy.  I walked out with a smile on my face knowing that I was given the best care.

~ R.M

What a great experience!  I was in major need of a prescription update after my previous disastrous attempt at going to Lenscrafters for a quick exam several months ago.  Lovely new office, super kind and professional, and it feels fantastic to finally see clearly again.

~ L.C.

Dr. Smith took the time to explain all aspects of care received which turned into a brief lesson in eye examination and eye health for my inquisitive 8-year-old daughter.  He also took time out with multiple visits to ensure I was happy with my new prescription for contacts and glasses.

~ B.G.

Dr. Smith in not only great with children, but adults as well.  He really takes time to explain the exam, and even emailed me images of the scans.  Very nice and friendly staff and timely as well.  I’m glad I found him.

~ A.S.

Thank you for making my “frame shopping” such a fun and educational experience!  I never felt like I was being “sold” but like I was being helped to make the best possible choice for me.  I know that I’m gong to be really happy with them.  

~ C.S.

I have been a patient for over 15 years and have been very pleased with my visits at the office.  They take a lot of time to examine me, explain my status and choices for correction.

~ D.I.

If you are looking for true satisfaction and professional treatment, this is the right Optometrist.  I was able to ask all my questions and truly understand the answers.  The equipment is state-of-the-art and the staff are above proficient.  I was in and out in no time and feel I had a complete and thorough exam.  I would highly recommend Dr. Smith to friends and family.

~ J.I.


Precision Corneal Molding (Non-surgical Vision Correction)  Testimonials ...


I used to have trouble wearing soft contact lenses during the day in summer and fall due to bad allergies.  With these lenses, my problem went away because I don't have to wear lenses during the day anymore.  My vision has never been this clear since I started wearing contact lenses, and my astigmatism has improved tremendously.  These precision corneal molding lenses are fantastic with no risk!  Now, I can't live without them!

~ J.F.


This new non-surgical technology is the perfect choice for my daughter.  She is so comfortable without her glasses, and her corrected vision continues to amaze me... it still seems like magic to me.

 ~ P.D.


It's a miracle; I have a hard time getting people to believe it.  I can golf, read, and do my bookkeeping job without my contact lenses on.  I wear the lenses at night only, and I haven't worn any lenses or glasses during the day for the last three to four years.  I started out 20/300 in the right eye, and 20/400 in the left eye.  Now I'm 20/25 in the right and left eye.

~ R.R.


I had been wearing contact lenses for 16 years prior to this, but always had problems in the summer due to hay fever and I probably used to wear the lenses longer than I should, preventing oxygen getting into my eyes.  I have been wearing these new lenses for over two years and they are fantastic, I can see 24 hours a day and need not worry about hay fever or irritation in my eyes. 

 ~ U.D.


I wanted precision corneal molding because I needed better distance correction without lenses.  I suffer with dry itchy eyes, and couln't wear soft contacts comfortably.  I'm really happy now becasue I wear the lenses at night only and see great all day.  From the first day I've been a constant 20/20 which is wonderful, especially when I go water-skiing or to a concert.

~ D.L.


I am entering my third year in this program and couldn't be more pleased.  One eye was adjusted for reading and the other for distance.  This is much better than bifocals, no rasing and lowering your head or changing angles when reading.  I can sum up my experience in one word: freedom.  Freedom to do all the things wearing glasses makes cumbersome.

 ~ P.D.


My 9 1/2 year old daughter was able to see 20/15 without any glasses just 3 days after she started.  My daughter says, "it is unbelievable to be able to see so clearly without glasses."  She does not need to wear glasses for school, PE, swimming, and dance.  What an amazing change.

 ~ L.L.

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