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Care for dry eyes

Dry eye is a common condition suffered by people of all ages. Dry eye makes it more difficult to use a computer, read for long periods or tolerate dry environments, including the air inside a plane. People with dye eyes complain of burning, gritty, scratchy sensations or the feeling there’s something in your eye. Some even have blurred vision. Dry eyes treatment is dependent on the severity. For some people dry eyes treatment may benefit from a humidifier or eye drops. Others may need surgery for the condition.

Over-the-counter lubricating eye drops, known as artificial tears, may relieve dry eyes. We may also prescribe medications for dry eyes treatment. Restasis®, for example, helps decrease inflammation on the eye surface. Inflammation can reduce the eyes’ ability to maintain a healthy tear film. Doctors also prescribe antibiotics for those with blepharitis or meibomian gland dysfunction. This dry eyes treatment includes antibiotic ointments such as erythromycin and bacitracin to decrease the number of bacteria that break down tear film.

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