Non Surgical Vision Correction

You can benefit from the latest precision corneal molding procedure

You’ve probably heard about LASIK, radial keratotomy and other surgical procedures designed to minimize or eliminate the need for prescription eyeglasses. But an amazing new nonsurgical alternative can also offer you freedom from glasses. It’s called precision corneal molding (PCM) and it is an effective nonoperative method for improving vision and reducing your dependency on prescription eyeglasses.

How does PCM work?

Like LASIK, PCM reshapes the cornea to improve eyesight. But instead of surgically removing tissue from your cornea, PCM uses specially designed contact lenses to gently reshape the eye in the same way an orthodontist uses braces to gently reposition teeth. There’s no pain, no discomfort and no surgical complications to worry about.

PCM uses a series of custom-crafted contact lenses to gently reshape the cornea as you sleep. Once the ideal shape has been achieved, retainer lenses are worn only at night, at regular intervals to help maintain the shape and the vision correction. Some patients actually achieve 20/20 vision after just one night of wear, though the effect may not last throughout the day. After several days or weeks of wear, the vision correction is longer-lasting.

Unlike other doctors who use PCM, Dr. Smith uses a unique technology to measure the precise shape of the cornea. A highly advanced computer system called WAVE enables him to produce a virtual map of the cornea and a virtual PCM lens to place over that map. This allows Dr. Smith to customize your PCM lens to fit better and give improved results over other PCMs.

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